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Sunday evening ribs…

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While down at my folks’ place yesterday, my father pointed out in the Target ad how cheap pork back ribs were: $1.79/lb. There was a limit of six racks per person, so I went with and we came back with 12. Four racks got cut into thirds and seasoned with Kosher salt, cracked peppercorns, cumin, cayenne and garlic salt. Into the smoker they went for about five hours with a little sauce basting from Big Boned Barbeque for the last 30 minutes. Baked potato, beans and a salad made for a wonderful sunday night with some of the neighbor “kids” from Sugar Valley – I don’t know why I say kids, we’re all old enough to drink. Sorry I couldn’t get any pics of the finished meal; cameras and barbeque don’t go together very well. But trust me, the table looked great!

I met the guys from Big Boned last year at Rib America in Des Moines and got along fabulously with them. (Thanks again for letting us use your oven to bake our beans!) Get a hold of Pat Nelson at Big Boned Barbeque to order a bottle or two for yourself and to see if their professional team of BBQ artists will be rollin’ into your city. And when ya see them, tell ’em Boonie sent ya!


I am home!

I pulled into the driveway of my house in LA yesterday, and spent an incredibly relaxing day by the pool, reading Michael Ruhlman’s excellent book Ratio and successfully smoking a chicken breast on my aluminum trashcan smoker. After that I helped my Mom make a birthday dinner for my dad, which consisted of a heirloom bean pasta. Essentially, you take these gorgeous (and delicious) heirloom beans and cook them up with a mirepoix (celery, carrot and onion) and mix them with pasta; the entire dish is then covered with a vinaigrette with garlic, thyme and sage. Very delicious. For desert my mom whipped up a strawberry pie; blind baked crust with a fresh strawberry interior. Delish.

The roadtrip was also very successful, pictures will be up on flikr soon, with a post to come. Some highlights were a roadfood stop in Salina, Utah; and excellent dinner in Des Moines, Iowa; and a stop in Vegas to try out Mario Batali’s restaurant B&B.

Ben out.