What’s cooking?

There is nothing that I enjoy more than jogging and thinking about food; I have my best brain flashes for recipes when I am pounding the pavement, listening to speed metal. Here are some ideas I have been keeping on the back-burner until I get home:

  1. Chicken kebabs marinated in greek yogurt, mint and pomegranite, served over a warm cucumber, mint and bulgur salad.
  2. A really thin crust pizza
  3. Street tacos “al Gordito”: make home-style carne asada, corn tortillas and heirloom tomato pico de gallo
  4. Chilled pears, braised in bordeaux, and finished with a warm sauce made from the braising liquid
  5. Smoked meats

More will be added as I think of them.


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  2. You should try poaching the pears in a simple syrup/cabernet liquid; a little nutmeg, cinnamon and you’re rolling. Pears are peeled obviously and then cored after cooking. Reduce the sauce to a desired consistency (coating the back of a spoon) and I guarantee it will be divine.

    Do you really listen to speed metal? Seriously? Do you? That’s so bitchin’. Being from California, I will not talk to you again unless 1.) you currently own and celebrate Suicidal Tendencies first album or 2.) go out and purchase Suicidal Tendencies first album. Yeah, I know it’s more SoCal skate thrash than speed metal, but it’s totally a “must-have” album for any aficionado.

    You must also own anything by Carcass. One word: “brutality.”


    • Posted by btgordon on May 7, 2009 at 5:10 pm

      I just had a thought: blue cheese crumbles on the pear, topped wit that reduced syrup? I like the thought.


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